Vanilla 6 kg

The mineral bath salt fragrant of vanilla is also sold in plastic buckets offered mainly to professional beauticians working in beauty salons. The salt makes your daily bath an exceptionally pleasurable ritual. It contains ground black pepper enriching the fragrance of the salt. Thanks to the optimal combination of the ingredients your skin is refreshed and silky. The tempting scent of vanilla with a fragrance note of black pepper will add magic and stimulate.

The bucket contains 6 kilograms of the salt.

For professional beauticians.



A product to be bought only from distributors selling our products.

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Mineral salt

It is a natural source of iodine, smoothes the skin and cleanses its pores, removes dead epidermis cells when salt grains are used in body scrubs, accelerates the process of reducing the fatty tissue and increases skin firmness. The salt has a conditioning and therapeutic effect on the skin.

Vanilla fragrance note

Balmy sweet fragrance, an exceptionally calming and relaxing scent giving a sense of comfort during a bath.

Ground pepper

Being a warming agent, pepper improves blood circulation, which helps to open and thoroughly cleanse pores. Pepper has also anti-bacterial properties and is a strong antioxidant.

Pour an appropriate amount of the salt under running warm water when filling the bath to ensure better dissolution. Coarse salts may be used during a bath as a skincare product for your whole body, as well as only for foot care.


Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Piper Nigrum Fruit.